A Streak-y Story

Streak Is The Brainchild Of Two A’s

Anupam Srivastava headed brands at CNBC and CEAT. This brilliant man (he has degrees from UICT and IIT) has done many things life and would have gone on to great things in corporate life before crazy came calling. He left all the glitter and glamour of a dashing job to follow his heart and be an entrepreneur in advertising. Mad man, isn’t he?

Aditya Bharadwaj is a digital storyteller specializing in enterprise-wide brand strategy, creative, and media. Working his way through companies like Viacom 18, and Hindu Business Line, he has developed a strategic mindset combined with operational resolve which helps push boundaries in today's media landscape.

The Story

The Story

Whilst some would argue the thing that brought them together was their love for football,
Mr. Anupam and Mr. Aditya believe it was really their frustrations with the advertising status quo, and their shared love of inspiring storytelling.

What started off as a casual conversation in a coffee shop, is now a company who have worked the most recognizable names.

A team of super talented, crazy hungry filmmakers, strategists and creatives who help brands, agencies, and charities tell stories that matter.