How important videos is for a brand?

How important videos are for a brand?

Nowadays companies are expected to create all type of content as such: 

  • Emails
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Presentations
  • Podcasts 
  • Social media posts

It’s not a matter of what type of solutions being right or wrong. But what matters is the type of content, from which video is standing at your top list. Video is the ideal key tool for marketing, sales, training and support teams as it involves movement.


Brand videos have the effect of being able to influence consumer behaviour by clicking with the consumers on a personal level, they build trust in the minds of the target audience and thus can influence their commercial decisions. A well-made brand video has the effect of a consumer being keen to begin a relationship with the said brand.

Video Branding - Streak Creative

According to Demand Metric, in partnership with Vidyard, 83% of survey respondents said that video is important. Data has shown that about 46 per cent of consumers have purchased a product after seeing its brand video, and about 32 per cent have considered making a purchase. Brand videos make for an excellent tool to increase brand awareness and reach, especially given the wide exposure people nowadays have to social media platforms.


Brand videos have the potential to become a viral hit and in the advent of social media, a well-made brand video that can connect with its target audience will be shared innumerable times on the platform greatly extending its reach. But for this, it is first essential to craft your brand video as an experience and an emotion, rather than a technical demonstration or advertisement of your product.

Streak is the best video production agency in Bangalore that makes impactful brand videos that leave a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. 

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  1. The present and future of brand videos:

    Brand Videos for Social Media

    Hand in hand with social media, brand videos are increasingly becoming a force to reckon with in the world of marketing by forming emotional and personal bonds with its viewers and influencing their commercial behaviour to a great degree. Studies show that 300 million people on average watch at least one video online in a month. This number highlights the immense scope that brand videos can wield and the companies that back them can have unhindered access to the commercial might of the masses which ultimately expands their customer base and their business.

  2.  Creating the ideal brand video needs a team of experts:

    Ideation of Brand Video- Streak Creative

    There is a lot that goes into making the perfect brand video that meets the eye. Communicating with the marketing team, building and brainstorming ideas, identifying the company’s vision and mission, and the message they intend to send to their target audience and how to present it, target audience identification, distribution strategies, etc. At Streak, we have an adept team of experts that independently manage all these aspects and seamlessly coordinate their activities to deliver a quality product that is ready to hit the airwaves.

  3.  Digital Storytelling from Bangalore’s best:

    At Streak, we strive to create stories both at the client end and the audience end. Making brands identify and relate with emotions and building a story around it to give the audience an immersive and deeply relatable experience is our forte. Coordinating with clients and understanding their needs and goals in bringing out a brand video that is completely in sync with the client and the audience enriches the experience on the client-side and puts us on the speed dial the next time around the business has a brand video to make. This way we work to enrich both the lives of the end-user and the client and create a digital storytelling experience that transcends conventional norms and brings out the best in the product while also hitting the right notes with the audiences. Our highly collaborative team takes your creative inputs and turns your words into a vision that your audience can see and relate to. Your ideas and offerings coupled with our skill at digital storytelling will help spin a tale that your consumers will remember for a long time.

Still, wondering if you need a brand video?

Daily, in the world:

  • 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day
  • 3.5 billion people use the internet every day
  • More than 4 million youtube videos are watched every day


These are just a few statistical bytes of the very many available which go on to show the power of content and how it has taken over, not only the internet but also the lives of internet users, across the world.

More companies are turning their long-form content to smaller 30-second videos to help make their content offering more attractive to their end consumers, while not diluting the message they had in the first place. Accompanying long-form content with brand videos, provide your target audience with the liberty to choose which form of content they want to consume. Your brand video is an excellent way to attract them to your landing page, your offline store, your social media page, or to whichever location you want to drive traffic to.


Your brand has a story, a thought, a compelling idea, which needs to be communicated to your end consumers in a way you see it and make them believe that they can benefit from your brand, as well.

We take pride in being one of the best digital design agencies in Bangalore with an impressive roster of clients and a portfolio that has garnered much attention and appreciation. We believe our team can create a unique visual experience for your consumers that will go on to create not just a brand recall, but a memory and an example, for years to come.


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