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Over the last 4-5 years, there has been a boom in the operation of drones for purposes of photography, videography and product delivery. Originally a military technology tricked down to civilian domain drones these days have been increasingly used to enhance viewer experience with respect to cinema, adverts or videography. 

Ground-based recording has plateaued in its advancement with the use of high-performance cameras and lenses. Drone mounted video brings a new dimension to the whole concept of videography with its ability to take a whole range of shots which otherwise cannot be done using ground-based video. On its own drone video recording cannot execute a single project but when used to compliment ground-based video the results speak for themselves. Thus a comprehensive and detailed video giving the viewer a surreal, immersive and memorable experience is born.

What are drones and why should one use them to make a video:

Drones are remotely operated flying machines consisting of one or more rotors and an exoskeleton; onto which a range of cameras can be fitted, these cameras can be made to pan and swivel thanks to the flexible hatch attached to the drone. This can then be flown remotely to great heights and can be used to record videos or take pictures of events below. 

Drones offer many advantages in videography, some of them are:

  • Drones can capture the magnitude and grandeur of an event which otherwise cannot be captured by ground-based cameras.
  • They are cost-effective and can produce stunning visuals and captures for a low cost.
  • Drone shots can make your videography company look modern and high tech which can impress customers.
  • Drone videography is relatively easy and does not require a high degree of expertise in operation.
  • They can take a range of shots which is difficult for ground-based photographers to take easily.
  • Drone videos are very popular on social media, and they can help you stand out on social media platforms.
  • Drones can add value to your entire marketing campaign and can place you ahead of your competitors.

How can you get the best out of drone videography:

  • Shoot landscapes and patters with contrasting colours, this captures the viewer’s attention.
  • Drones are highly flexible in their usability, experiment with different perspectives using the drone as a platform.
  • Get clear shots of the horizon and panoramic shots of the skyline.
  • Depending on the range of control pan out and in while focusing on a picture or event as this can increase the background and completely change a viewers perspective of the shot.

Choose Streak for your drone videography:

The talented team at Streak has been working with start-ups and multi-nationals, helping them produce stunning, premium-grade videos for years. Our drone videography service is renowned across India for its professionalism and creativity.
As part of our drone videography, our video company also offers clients personalized advice to help produce the most visually-stimulating and inspiring videos.
Our drone operators are highly skilled in the art and have a wealth of experience in the field when it comes to taking visually engaging shots and awe-inspiring videos using drones.
We use state of the art imaging technology on our drones which completely eliminates blurs, unwanted noise, shudders and other problems inherent with drone videography.
Our drones are fast, offer easy maneuverability, work well at both short and long ranges, come in a variety of sizes (which can fit through large and small spaces), and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. This will help you capture the bespoke shot you require in the quickest time, with the least effort.
There are a selection of drones on offer depending on the project and requirement, Streak has a drone for every occasion.

Our drones help you enjoy the event:

The best thing about shooting videos through a drone – you don’t have to roll up your sleeves too often during the actual shooting of the video.
When you choose a drone for your videography, you can allow the experts to take over the technicalities of the shoot and immerse yourself in the event you’ve organized. Think about it. You’ve organized a product release or have planned a marathon in your home city. What’s the fun in standing at the sidelines and shooting the video? With a drone, you can let our Streak team do the work while you actively take part in and enjoy your event.

Drone videography is the newest activity to join the growing list of things you can do using a drone. At Streak, we offer clients the option to use a drone to capture videos and photos of their events using the latest drone technology.
Using a drone is simple and fun. When we are shooting your video, you will have complete control over the angles and routes the drone will use to capture the sequences you want for your video.


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