Digital Marketing mattle June 3, 2019

Mattle – Company behind global toy brands like Hot Wheels, Barbie, Scrabble etc.


Often children don’t recall  and nag for Mattel products  and  therefore parents end  up deciding based on price.  Since Mattel brands are  premium, they get opted out  by parents and kids don’t end  up getting to play with them.


Usage, Attitude  and Behaviour  study


Play immersions with kids,  FGDs and DIs with  Mothers.


We created an environment to  bring out the real usage of the  product.



We created an annual customer  brand experience property for Hot  Wheels attracting 3,000+ kids in 40  cities and 150 stores


Mattel regained share and business  momentum in Hot Wheels which  became the most widely sold toy  car brand in

the country.


Mattel developed an aspirational  brand property around UNO and  Max Steel and established a cost-  effective direct-2-consumer  marketing model

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