Video Production – Bangalore

Video Production – Bangalore 


Streak is a renowned Bangalore based videography service tending to businesses across industry and size. As a full-service videographer, our mission is to deliver creation to the finished product in the most time and cost-effective manner.

Being industry veterans, we understand niche needs and collaborate with clients and artists alike in creating a copy that is in tune with the creative brief and has an instant impact on the target audiences at which the video is aimed. 

Making stand out videos that are instantly impactful:

It is commonplace today that videos are the best medium to create intrigue and make an impression on target audiences. Over 4 million different videos are viewed daily on youtube. Digital media is so awash with videos that it creates a sort of assault on the average viewer’s senses who automatically tend to tune most of them out. The ones that aren’t tuned out end up creating an impression on the viewer, which, in turn, encourages them to start a relationship with the brand.

At Streak, we strive for videos that are consistent with the clients and are extremely effective in stirring emotions in the target group’s minds. We can achieve this in part thanks to our highly specialised and dedicated team who are a mix of industry experts, artists, collaborators and copywriters and partly due to the values we believe in and follow which is to create and maximise our value disbursed to the customer in a time and cost-efficient manner.

Digital Storytelling:

While making a video it is important to note that the video needs to strike a chord with the target audience. Everyone loves a happy ending and this is a trick that videographers use to connect with the viewer on a personal level. This makes the art of storytelling a lot more important. If a brand’s journey or the inception of a product can be done around a story with one or more characters, a moral and a happy ending can easily connect with audiences. This art of telling stories through the eyes of a product or a brand goes a long way in ensuring audiences are engaged with the video and form a kind of connection with it.

At streak we have a history of making numerous such videos, ad campaigns and brand videos for numerous high profile clients which have bought out the values those businesses operate by as well as their mission for the future all incorporated and wrapped around a product or service they offer. Their respective success is a testament to the work, efforts, and dedication we have put into it. We endeavour to understand clients needs and the emotions they wish to bring out in their videos and engage our team to execute the work based on the client’s requirements and create a copy that resonates both with the client as well as the target audience.

One of the top agencies in Bangalore:

The Streak team has a flair for digital storytelling and our team of experts are always on the hunt for a new challenge if they aren’t already engaged in executing one. Our services have been hired by the best in the IT, FMCG, Retail and Banking industries respectively and not only delivered excellent results but also happy and content clients. 

Having worked with industry leaders we are arguably one of the most trusted agencies in the country and our work and results reflect so.

A glimpse of our Videography Services:

1. Creative video content:

In the age of video marketing, every brand aims to dazzle its audience with attractive and impactful videos. At Streak, we help to create brand videos, Product ads, Marketing videos, Demo videos and Sizzle reels most creatively and effectively which helps differentiate your company from others. We can assist with all types of creative video content to soft-sell your brand and motivate viewers to learn more about you.

2. Television Spots:

Primetime on TV is an expensive and highly coveted space for advertising. At Streak, we can leverage our expertise and experience to create attractive and intriguing TV ads irrespective of slot timing to maximise audience engagement and create a name for the brand and set it on its way.

3. How-to Videos:

We also specialise in videos which explains how gadgets o devices work. We liaise with the manufacturer in making enthralling as well as explanatory videos that are easy to understand and grasp and will leave the viewer feeling like a pro after engaging with it. 

4. Social Media or Mobile:

Irrespective of if you want to publish a video on a social media handle or a mobile app we provide concepts for ensuring widespread buzz and a positive effect on the host handle. We have no more than three seconds to capture the interest of our mobile audience. More and more, businesses are producing effective digital content that you can serve as a sponsored video post or a digital ad.

In social media, the most important metric is engagement rates and how widespread the post is shared. We devise solutions and copies that ensure high engagement rates with the audience as well as highly shared and widespread posts both independently and together.


We take pride in being one of the best commercial video production companies in Bangalore. We are their one-stop source for business/brand videos across traditional and digital media for many of our clients.


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