Viral Videos – Bangalore

Viral Videos – Bangalore

A viral video is one that not only peaks the intrigue of the viewers by spreading all over social media by different users sharing it thus greatly widening its reach. The magic of viral videos lies in the fact that one day no one might know your brand while the next, all of the social media is awash with your brand’s name thanks in no small part to the video that went viral with your brand’s trademark all over it. Finally, the audience may or may not know the purpose of such an ad but they sure know who made it. At some point, every brand strives to get on the viral video bandwagon as it is a surefire effective way to bring attention towards your brand, and LOTS of it!!. At Streak, we provide end to end video management through our extensive experience in video production and editing. Viral videos are just another aspect we specialise in and over the years we have perfected a strategy in how to make videos that go viral and thus bringing name and fame to your brand.

How do videos go viral:

1. Unusual and Intriguing:

For a video to spread like wildfire it must contain content that is unique and never seen before yet at the same time stirs up a sense of intrigue in the minds of the audience. Let us consider the famous picture of a monkey posing for a selfie, this was not something ever seen by internet audiences, it was unique wherein a monkey was made to relate to very human quality. This caused the picture to be shared in one form or the other wildly and thus making it an overnight success story

2. Highly interactive:

Making videos that attempt to engage with the audience is always a good idea. Now merging the above point with this one we can take the example of a poll that asked users to enter their birthdate and a few other vital stats and would calculate their death date. This was again a viral concept as it merged interactivity with unusualness and this was a completely new concept to netizens resulting in widespread awareness.

3. A touch of emotion:

Bringing a bit of compassion and humanity into the video can encourage users to share the video wildly. A call to action for a humanitarian or a compassionate cause can stir a hornet’s nest of emotions in the minds of netizens and they are encouraged to share the video thus making it viral. It is human nature to gravitate towards compassion and humility, viral videos take advantage of this fact.

Why Streak?

We at streak have rich experience in curating tailor-made viral videos that are an instant hit with netizens, this is of huge benefit to your brand. 

Different clients have different needs from their viral videos, at Streak, our experts look to gain a clear perspective of the client’s needs and also provide valuable inputs as to how their needs may be modified or combined into a viral video which shakes up the internet. This brainstorming is vital for both us as vendors and you as a client as it can streamline the work we do behind the scenes to make the video a success. 


From the script, to prop selection to shooting the actual video, we have your back covered. At Streak our team of artists and expert professionals painstakingly curate the video as per the client’s needs, we involve client decision making at every stage of our work to make sure our work is in line with the client’s vision of the video. At the end of this exercise, we can deliver a high-quality product that ensures to spread like wildfire at the client call. This is the power at Streak.


Having been in the video production business for a long time, we at Streak can assist the client in the distribution of the video while identifying key players who can assist in pushing the video through the right channels to ensure wide visibility. We also assist the brand in selecting the appropriate time to release the video as this is akin to market timing and the success of the video can hinge greatly on this aspect.


After the video goes viral it is essential to identify those partners in the industry that can ensure your video is monetised and viewed by as many people as possible across the world by linking it to different web pages. At streak, we can use our industry connections to make this happen by assisting the brand to partner with the right brands to be able to push its business towards the right audience the world over.


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