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Our brand strategies revolve around the idea that today brands need to be constantly monitoring and fine-tuning its brand positioning and the position that brands hold in the consumer’s mind is not linear and that they have at least three dimensions. The visual, emotional and spiritual components that every brand needs to possess to be a long term serious player. We use our in-house proprietary planning tool, LINES to create brand strategies.


Listen, Ideate, Nurture, Execute, Sustain


We talk to clients, customers and other stakeholders and get everyone’s side of the story. Our planners distill this into effective and pointed insights that will help inspire the creative team.


It is time for the creative team to take over. It doesn’t mean the planners don’t participate here. Here’s where we also make sure our brands are fulfilling the existential needs of today’s brands. Our planners straddle both strategy and creative. Once the idea is cracked and there is a general agreement that we have the best creative approach, it’s time to nurture it.


An idea needs to be nurtured to make sure that it is executable across media. So it undergoes the changes required to make it strong across everything from print, TV to social media and experiential.


Here’s where the idea gets into the actual creative process and gets completed by the production of the campaign.


Analyze, make changes based on market feedback and strengthen the brand.

Dynamic Brand Management

It’s not positioning anymore, it’s Superpositioning.
A brand does not hold a singular position in the consumer's mind anymore. Akin to an electron being in different positions at the same time (Quantum Mechanics), the brand can also hold different positions at the same time in the consumer’s mind depending on the context. So the brands of today need to hold superpositions in the consumer’s mind.

Brand Structure- The 3rd dimension.
The basic brand structure has undergone a sea change in the 21st century. In the 20th century, the brand structure was rather simple. The outer covering or the 'visual aspect' of a brand was made up of the Identity package that included the logo, color scheme, and other graphical representations. The inner core or the ‘emotional core’ of the brand was made up feelings it evoked in its customers. For instance, Harley Davidson evokes great feelings of loyalty amongst its fans. But today a third inner layer has been added to brands. This is what we call the soul of the brand. What does the brand do beyond business? What does it do to help humanity, environment or bring happiness to daily living. It is important for the customer to know the ‘why' of the brand. So the brands of today need to have this third dimension in their structure. Because more and more people are choosing brands based on how they contribute to the environment, society or in furthering human experiences.

The Target Audience.
The target audience of today is not just your customer. It is not just about psychographics and demographics anymore. It is both the influencer and the consumer. Your customer is not effected by just your campaign. They are influenced by people who post, repost, critique and comment on the brand in social media. They are influenced by journalists and their take on the brand. And the constant stream of content that's required to keep the brand in the public eye. That's why it’s, more than ever, important to constantly be creative and inventive with brand content.



Ideas can come from anywhere, but it’s talent that makes it shine. "An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.” Bill Bernbach. We also truly believe that if the creative doesn’t make the client uneasy, we have to get back to the drawing board.



Digital is just the medium is a refrain that we hear often. But then content and execution are the same in a work of art. So understanding the medium is key to successful campaign ideas. We work with a thorough understanding of the digital medium to enhance our creative offerings. Our digital offerings include SEO, Paid ads, Social media and native. We also have in-house capabilities for UX/ UI and web and app development including programming.



Today if it is the campaigns that lead a brand, its content that drives it. Regular, interesting content keeps a brand chugging along. With so many brands, so much happening it is important to stand out. We have an in-house content team that includes film directors, scriptwriters and full production to create and deliver content seamlessly.